History is the foundation of our future.

The importance of appropriate traffic signs emanates from the human needs.

In Greek mythology king Aegeus, seeing from far away the ship of his son Theseus returning from Crete bringing the mournful black sails, he committed suicide because his son has forgotten to replace them with white, indicating his victory against Minotaur, there he transmitted unwittingly on erroneous signal.

Already, around 300 B.C. one of the seven miracles of the ancient word, the Lighthouse of Alexandria, was built. Thanks to its height of 140 meters, it was illuminating during this age in a radius of approximately 30 miles, thus establishing a safe landmark of the coast, with the light of its flame at night and the smoke during the day.

Christos Degaitis, with cultural heritage and the rich experience which he acquired during his employment at the Swiss industry, he returned to Greece from Switzerland in 1962 and established the corporation VIEREX in Athens.

Thus, VIEREX was founded on 08/31/1962 and continues its operation active in the study, design, development, production, retrofitting, marketing, installation and maintenance of light signalization systems as other electrotechnical products.

This premium quality of VIEREX products has been achieved, relying on options in last technology, experienced human resources with knowledge and perspective and investing more than 60% of its profits in research and development.

IMERISIA 08/31/1962


«Επιστήμη άνευ αρετής πανουργία εστί»
“Science without virtue is a ruse”
Plato 428-346 B.C.

Science became nowadays a target of bitter criticism by the society, since many sufferings of our civilization are attributed to its progress, such as the green-house effect, the ozone hole, acid rain and many other negative effects on the environment.

VIEREX designs its products with special concern for the environment and generally for the human needs. Through its products, it tries to emit the quality of light which corresponds more harmoniously to the content of the transmitted message, inspired from the natural phenomenon of the lightning during a storm, of the brightness of glowworm and the glittering of stars. It uses recyclable materials and those which are friendly to the environment, while designing its products within the framework of the Circular Economy. While at the same time focusing on their reliable long-term operation, which it inspects continuously through a fully organized network for the distribution of products, in charge of recording any eventually useful remark, which could lead to the optimization of product quality.

Railway Light


Wishing to succeed is not enough, you must be able to do it as well. VIEREX invest generously in the attainment of possibilities.

VIEREX does not leave to chance the satisfaction of its customers. It has privately owned offices of 86 sq.m. in Zografou, privately owned factory 1407 sq.m. in Tavros Attica, in which VIEREX has installed its equipment and has attracted the most valuable workforce to ensure high quality in its production. VIEREX is informed about international standards concerning its products and based on them it documents its technical specifications.

VIEREX is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system.

Navy Safety Light


The institution of VIEREX in the market is due to our activities.

Since its establishment up to this date the corporation has a survival course with remarkable results, investing more than 60% of its profits in the research and development of new products, owning many patents.

VIEREX has a network of more than 3500 clients spanning more than 31 countries.

VIEREX is a member of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA) and the Athens Chamber of small and medium size Industries (BEA).

Traffic Light


Through investing in the development, we ensure the competitiveness of our products in the international market.

Given that VΙΕΡΕΧ gazes ambitiously at the future and pursues dynamically a position worth of its history, it is expected that it will invest generously in development.

Its concern is the quick assimilation of new technologies in its products, so as to be innovative. Trying to attain that it sponsors programs related to the application of new technologies, aiming at the reliable adaptation in the products.

It works with strictly specialized partners, in the development of illuminating devices, while it pursues the acceleration of returns on its corresponding investments, through the establishment of international collaborations of mutual availability of technologies and potential.

Obstruction Light



MAIN OFFICE: 2, Livyis street & Peloponnisou street, Ilissia, Zografou, GR-157 71 Athens, Greece                                                       Tel. +30.21.07719175-7 • Fax +30.21.07717070

E-mail: info@vierex.com • URL: www.vierex.com

VAT Nr. EL094232787 • Registration Nr. 083314802000

DISTRIBUTION CENTER: 32, Teo street, Tavros, GR-177 78 Athens • Tel. +30.21.03423380, +30.21.03421043

PLANT: Panormos, GR-195 00 Levrio Attiki

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