Privacy Policy (version: 1.0 – 01/04/2023)

The corporation ” VIEREX S.A.” APPLIED ELECTRICAL & METAL STRUCTURES SOCIETE ANONYME (hereinafter “VIEREX”), adopts the following Privacy Policy for User’s Personal Data.
To contact VIEREX, the user can refer to the contact form, which you will find at the link or to what is mentioned in article 17. VIEREX collects, uses and shares personal data about you (hereinafter “user”) through the website and its connected websites, applications and widgets.

1. Scope

VIEREX is the controller of the personal data (e.g. information that identifies a specific person, such as full name or email address), which it collects, through its means and is processed, in accordance with the terms of this Policy Privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to all users, including those who use the services (hereinafter media) of VIEREX, without having registered, as well as subscribers addressed to the general public. It does not target children and does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 16.

2. Type of Data

VIEREX may collect data about the user, such as: 1) registration data, when the user registers in any of VIEREX’s media, 2) public data and publications shared by the user through VIEREX media, 3) data that the user has allowed social media to share with VIEREX, 4) activity data when accessing and interacting with VIEREX media. Specifically, VIEREX collects the following types of data from and for each user:

2.1 Registration Data

The registration data is the information that the user submits to register in VIEREX media, such as to create an account, post comments, receive a newsletter or participate in a competition. Registration information may include, first name, last name, email address, gender, country, zip code and date of birth. Public data and publications consisting of comments or content published by the user on VIEREX media and the personal data accompanying said publications or content, which may include the nickname, username, comments, likes , his status, profile information and photo. Public information and posts are always public, which means they are available to everyone and may appear in search results on external search engines.

2.2 Data from Social Media

If the user accesses or connects to a VIEREX media via a social media service or links a VIEREX media to a social media service, the data collected may also include the user ID, username, associated with that social media, the information or content that he has allowed the social media to share with VIEREX, as well as his profile picture, email address or friend list, as well as the personal data he has publish on the specific social media. When you access VIEREX media via social media or when you link a VIEREX media to social media, you authorize VIEREX to collect, store and use the relevant personal data and content in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.3 Activity Data

When the user accesses and interacts with VIEREX media, it may collect specific information about these visits. In order to allow the user to connect to VIEREX media, its website servers receive and record information about the user’s computer, device and browser, including possibly its IP address, browser type and other software or hardware information. If the user accesses VIEREX media from a mobile or other device, it may collect a unique device identifier assigned to that device, geographic distribution data, or other transaction information for that device. We may also collect cookies and other tracking technologies (such as browser cookies , pixels , beacons and Adobe Flash technology commonly called “Flash cookies “). These technologies may be used to collect and store information about the user’s use of VIEREX media, such as the pages visited, video and other content viewed, search queries submitted and ads seen.

2.4 Information from other sources

We may also include in the information we collect information from other sources, such as publicly available information about your online and offline activity, from social media and commercially available sources. We do not collect: Financial information from a payment service provider: in some cases, we may use an unrelated payment service to enable the user to purchase a product or make payments (“Payment Service”). If the user wishes to purchase a product or make a payment through a Payment Service, they will be directed to a Payment Service webpage. Any information provided by the user to a Payment Service shall be subject to the Payment Service’s privacy policy and not to this Privacy Policy. VIEREX has no control over and is not responsible for any use by the Payment Service of information collected through any Payment Service.

2.5 Sensitive Information

VIEREX requests that users do not send or disclose sensitive personal information (such as social security numbers, information about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religion or other beliefs, health, criminal background, or membership those in trade unions) directly or indirectly through VIEREX media or in another way.

2.6 Linked Services

VIEREX media may link to websites, including social networking sites, operated by unaffiliated corporations and may serve advertisements or offer content, functionality, games, newsletters, contests or applications developed and maintained by them. VIEREX is not responsible for the privacy practices of non-affiliated businesses after leaving VIEREX media or clicking on an advertisement to which the other corporation’s Privacy Policy applies.

3. Purpose of Data Collection

The main reason why VIEREX collects data, about the user, is to provide VIEREX media and to allow interaction with these media. Failure to provide said data implies the inability of VIEREX to offer you its means. The user’s personal data is also collected, for the purposes of compliance with legal obligations or for the purposes of protecting the legal interests of VIEREX. When the user’s personal data is collected for marketing purposes, the user has the option not to provide VIEREX with his personal data. If the user wishes, after his prior consent, VIEREX can send you offers, promotions and commercial communications, based on your personal preferences and habits.

4. Method of Data Processing

The personal data of the users are processed, both by electronic and manual means and are protected with appropriate security measures, taking into account the existing technology, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processing as well as the different probabilities and seriousness of the risk, in terms of users’ rights and freedoms.

When visiting the pages of, it is possible that the user will be asked to share and declare his personal information, which is used to:

1) To provide him with the functions of the VIEREX media,

2) To measure, analyze and improve the functions of the VIEREX media,

3) To improve the user experience in VIEREX media (both online and offline) by providing content that you may find relevant and interesting,

4) To allow the user to comment on the content and participate in online games, contests or reward programs,

5) To provide customer service,

6) To answer users’ questions,

7) To protect the rights of VIEREX and others. As in cases where VIEREX may use users’ personal data, including cases where VIEREX believes, in good faith, that said processing is necessary to: (a) protect, enforce or defend legal rights; the safety or property of VIEREX, VIEREX’s affiliates or its staffs, agents, contractors, partners, licensors and suppliers (including the enforcement of its agreements and terms of use), (b) protecting the security, privacy and the safety of users of VIEREX media or citizens, (c) the protection of VIEREX, as well as other involved third parties, such as VIEREX suppliers, from fraud or for risk management purposes,

8) For purposes of compliance with applicable laws or legal proceedings, as well as responding to requests from competent government authorities,

9) To complete a corporate transaction such as a proposed or actual reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or part of the business’s operations, assets or stock (including any bankruptcy or similar proceedings); As if VIEREX participates in a merger or transfer of all or a substantial part of its activities, VIEREX may disclose and transfer the personal data of users, to the party or parties participating in the transaction as part of said transaction,

10) Allow social transaction functionality, if the user logs in or connects a social media account with VIEREX media, they may share their username, photo and likes , as well as their activities and comments with other users of VIEREX media and with his friends, related to his social networking media,

11) The same personal data may also be shared with the social media provider,

12) To send the user (via email, SMS, telephone, chat and social media), after his prior consent, offers, promotions and other commercial announcements regarding VIEREX media,

13) To send, after the prior consent of the user, commercial communications tailored to his interests and needs through the communication methods mentioned in point (12) above. Anonymous information or information that no longer identifies the user personally, even indirectly (e.g. statistics) may be used for any purpose or shared with third parties.

5. Use of Cookies

VIEREX considers it important that you know which cookies are used on its website , and for what reasons they are used. VIEREX’s goal is to properly inform the user, but also to provide the best navigation experience on its website.

6. Reason for using Cookies

VIEREX uses cookies to improve the operation of the website , for user-friendly browsing, easy connection and smooth movement between pages. At the same time, cookies allow VIEREX to present the user with advertising and educational content related to his interests and needs. Cookies help VIEREX to analyze the use of its site, the way of browsing, as well as the difficulties, so that improvements can be made. In this way, a constant pursuit of improving the operation of the website is created , as well as the treatment of any problems that may arise. All information collected by these cookies is used only to improve the shopping experience of the specific user, as well as the structure and content of

7. Concept of Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information in the form of very small text, which are stored in the browser of the user ‘s PC, Smartphone or tablet ( Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , etc.), helping the more efficient operation of the VIEREX website . Cookies in no way cause damage to users’ computers, nor to the files stored on them. The information stored in cookies is used exclusively for identification and optimization purposes.

8. Types of Cookies


8.1 Necessary Cookies

They allow the execution of basic functions of the website , such as adding products to the cart, electronic payment and saving products to the wish-list . Without these absolutely necessary cookies , the smooth operation of the e – shop is immediately affected , but the user’s personal navigation experience is also degraded, since the basic e – commerce functions are underpowered.

8.2 Functionality cookies

These cookies “remember” the user’s preferences while browsing the website , so that it can recommend him suitable specialized products based on his own needs. With these cookies the user enjoys a personalized version of , making it much easier for him to find what he is looking for.

8.3 Statistics Cookies

Statistics cookies or analytics cookies , are a subset of functionality cookies and enable VIEREX to evaluate the effectiveness of the website ‘s various functions , in order to continuously improve the medium offered.

8.4 Promotional Cookies

Promotional cookies are used to present advertisements, more relevant to the user and his interests. That is, they are used to send targeted advertising, with the aim of limiting mass, unwanted and meaningless advertising messages.

9. Data Protection

Any personal data provided by the user within the website, are kept exclusively and only for reasons related to the transactions of VIEREX with the user, or where there is another legitimate interest in the processing that may be done or if this is imposed for reasons of public interest by law on the competent authorities alone or if it has in case the user gives explicit consent for other processing.

10. Security of Data Processing

The security of the user’s data is a key priority for VIEREX. For this purpose, VIEREX implements the appropriate administrative, technical and physical measures aimed at protecting his personal data: from loss, theft, unauthorized use, disclosure or modification. In any case, VIEREX employees, who have access to the user’s personal data, are specific and authorized on a case-by-case basis for this and the access of unauthorized persons to this personal data is prohibited. VIEREX has taken every reasonable measure to secure user data. The personal information of each user, only in extremely rare and special cases, may also be disclosed to businesses cooperating with VIEREX, with the aim of supporting, promoting and executing the user’s business relationship with VIEREX, but always under conditions that fully ensure that the user’s data is not subject to any illegal processing.

11. User Rights

At any time, each user reserves the right to information or object to the further processing of their data, or the right to request their partial or complete deletion, in accordance with the current legislation on the protection of personal data. For any further issue related to the processing of his personal data, the user can contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, 1-3 Kifisias avenue, GR-115 23 Athens, Greece, Tel. +30.21.06475600, ,

More specifically, the user has the right, if he requests it, to receive confirmation as to whether his personal data exists and to be informed of their content and origin, to verify their accuracy and to request correction, updating, modification , the deletion, anonymization or restriction of the processing, of his personal data, which were processed in violation of the applicable law, to object to the processing, in all cases, of his personal data for legal reasons.

The user can send his request to VIEREX, including his e-mail address, name, address and telephone number, clearly specifying the information he wants to access, change, update, remove or delete. We remind you that: even after the user’s account is cancelled, or if we are asked to delete their personal data, copies of certain information from their account may remain visible in some cases such as information shared on social media or other media or for cases where the retention of such copies is necessary for purposes of compliance with legal obligations or for purposes of legal defense.

Due to the nature of caching technology, the user’s account may not be immediately inaccessible to others. VIEREX may also retain backup information about the user’s account on its servers for a period of time after the user’s cancellation or deletion request, for purposes of compliance with applicable law. The user is also given many options regarding the use and disclosure of his personal data, for marketing purposes and if he wishes, the user can withdraw his consent to the following: Receiving electronic communications from VIEREX.

If the user no longer wants to receive marketing-related e-mails from VIEREX , he can opt out : either by following the unsubscribe instructions in the announcements ( one-click unsubscribe ), or by simply changing his preferences in his settings user profile, if registered.

Alternatively, the user can ask a VIEREX partner by phone to send him the consent form to be filled out or delivered to its headquarters in printed form or via email. In any case, VIEREX may continue to send the user administrative notices regarding the provision of VIEREX’s means. In all the above cases, VIEREX may contact the user and ask him for more information, if it is necessary for the proper processing of his request.

12. Third Party Access

VIEREX may share the personal data of users, for the purposes of the above article (4), to the following categories of recipients located within the European Union or outside the European Union, ensuring that there are appropriate and dedicated safeguards, which comply with applicable law, to protect users’ personal data, such as: To third party service providers who are charged with processing activities, when required by applicable laws, are duly appointed as processors (e.g. cloud service providers , other organizations of the group, service providers that serve or support VIEREX media and other companies that provide IT services, experts, consultants and lawyers, corporations resulting from possible mergers, splits or other conversions, as well as to related companies in their capacity, as data controllers or processors data. To the competent authorities for purposes of compliance with applicable laws.

13. Legal Framework

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of April 27, 2016 applies to the personal data held at VIEREX.

14. Place of Data Retention

The data may be transferred to countries inside and outside the European Economic Area and in particular to America. The European Commission recognizes that some countries outside the EEA provide an adequate level of data protection in accordance with EEA standards. For transfers from the EEA to countries not considered safe by the European Commission, we have put in place appropriate and appropriate safeguards designed to protect and transfer users’ personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

15. Updates to this privacy policy

VIEREX may modify or update this Privacy Policy, for any reason (including, but not limited to, changes in applicable law and interpretations, decisions, opinions and orders regarding said applicable law.), limited to their posting on the website , without requiring notification of already registered users.

16. Personal Data Protection Authority

If the user has any questions regarding the legislation on his personal data, or if he believes that his rights may be violated, he can contact the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, 1-3 Kifisias avenue, GR-115 23 Athens, Greece, Tel . +30.21.06475600, , or at the online address

17. Methods of Communication

For any question, clarification or request regarding the processing of his personal data, the user can contact the Data Protection Officer of VIEREX at the following contact details:

• By letter:
Data Protection Officer (DPO)
2, Livyis street, Ilisia, Zografou, GR-157 71 Athens, Greece

• Via e-mail:

In any case, for any clarifications regarding issues related to the protection of your personal data, please contact the following service line: +30.21.07719177.

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