Why VRX traffic lights?

VRX traffic lights stand out both for the high quality of their construction materials and for their functional design, which is distinguished by the following:

• Visor of the luminous field made of flexible material with anti-reflective properties and snap-on support, for quick assembly and replacement.

• Maintenance of the phototechnical characteristics of the traffic lights over time, even in areas with a lot of dust or high levels of humidity.

• Effective protection against ingress of dust and water, against protection degree IP66 according to EN 60529 standard.

• Easy and safe assembly

• Flexibility to adapt to different countries’ national technical requirements

• Successful performance under extreme environmental conditions, especially with high temperatures and dust.

• Established construction robustness.

• Long life expectancy.

• Use of reliable technology.

• Wide range of models offered to satisfy specialized technical applications.

• Wide variety of specialized ways of mounting traffic lights, depending on the application.

These are the reasons why VRX traffic lights have won the trust of the market for so many years!


A closer look at VRX Traffic Lights

Technical characteristics according to EN 12368:
Nominal diameter200 mm300 mm
Luminous intensity efficiency levelClass 3/2, 2/2Class 3/2
Distribution of luminous intensity Category Β, type W & ΜCategory Β, type N
Colours of indicator signalsred / yellow / greenred / yellow / green
Phantom effectClass 5Class 5
Luminous intensity of symbolsClass S1Class S1
Electrical supply230 VAC230 VAC
Impact resistanceClass IR3Class IR3
Ingress protectionClass V (IP 66)Class V (IP 66)
Environmental conditions Class A / B / C (+60o C / -40o C)Class A / B / C (+60o C / -40o C)

Traffic lights variations

VRX traffic lights are produced in several variations that can satisfy even the most specialized practical signaling needs. The variations of traffic lights result from the combination of the following parameters:

• Shell color

• Shade visor

• Refraction lenses

• Electrical supply voltage

• Luminous sources

• Number of signal fields

• Symbols of signal fields

• Size of signal fields

• Phantom effect protection



Shell color

VRX traffic lights are available in shell color, according to the following color combinations:

Body ColorDoor & Visor Color
green (RAL 6009)green (RAL 6009)
yellow (RAL 1003) green (RAL 6009)
yellow (RAL 1003)yellow (RAL 1003)
yellow (RAL 1003)black (RAL 9017)
black (RAL 9017) black (RAL 9017)
gray (RAL 7038)black (RAL 9017)
gray (RAL 7038)gray (RAL 7038)
ivory (RAL 1015)black (RAL 9017)
ivory (RAL 1015)ivory (RAL 1015)
orange (RAL 2000)orange (RAL 2000)
orange (RAL 2000)black (RAL 9017)

Shade visor

The luminous field’s shade visor of the Φ200 mm and Φ300 mm diameter traffic lights is easily installed (twist-on) to the door of the traffic light. The Φ200mm diameter traffic lights are available with a standard and a short shade visor, which is used in situations where space is limited and the traffic lights, where installed, may be damaged by passing vehicles, such as pedestrian signals mounted on road islands. The use of the short shade visor reduces the traffic lights phantom effect protection properties and is not recommended for traffic lights without symbols.


Refraction lenses

The luminous beam refraction lenses are enclosed in the traffic light door via EPDM rubber with a temperature resistance of up to 125°C. The lenses are either clear or tinted, depending on the type of luminous source and emit red, yellow and green or white light indicators in hues defined in the CIE S 004/E standard.


Electrical supply voltage

VRX traffic lights are usually powered by the electrical network with AC voltage, while for special applications they are powered by accumulators charged by renewable energy sources with DC voltage.

The VRX traffic lights are powered directly from the mains voltage at 230 VAC or 120 VAC, which can be downgraded to 40 to 48 VAC for ELV application, either with a suitable power supply arrangement within the traffic light, or centrally at the traffic controller of the installation. For dimming operation, traffic lights are available with special luminous sources, which can operate with a reduced voltage to 160VAC, for reduced luminous intensity operation during night hours.



Luminous source

The luminous sources used by VRX traffic lights: can be uniform high flux LEDs, LEDs with luminous elements, LEDs with multi-indicator luminous elements.

For old installations the traffic lights, can used 25W, 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W anti-vibration krypton incandescent lamps with E27, B22 and P28s sockets, as well as 20W, 30W and 50W halogen lamps with BA20s, BA20d and GY16d sockets.

In the cases of using incandescent or halogen lamps, the traffic lights used a suitable reflector, proportional to the type of lamp used and the diameter of the signal field.


Number of signal fields

VRX traffic lights are manufactured from polycarbonate with one, two, three, four or five luminous signal fields depending on the application requirements of each traffic light. In tram applications, signals are also manufactured and with six luminous signal fields.



Symbols of signal fields

VRX traffic lights can used symbols in the luminous fields, which are installed either as diaphragms (perforated surfaces in the form of the symbol) for positive illustrations (dark environment – bright symbol), or are printed on the refraction lenses, with positive or negative (bright environment – dark symbol) illustrations or sign.

In LED light sources with light elements, there can be a symbol display, with a fixed, with a variable or with a moved indications, with positive or negative illustrations.

VRX traffic lights are offered in various symbol formats, according to standards RiLSA, AFNOR, BSI, NEN, ITE, DS or public transportation and artistic expression. The standard version for VRX traffic lights is the RiLSA (Richtlinien fur Lichtsignalanlangen) symbols.


Size of signal fields

VRX traffic lights are available with a nominal luminous field diameter of Φ100 mm, Φ200 mm and Φ300 mm, depending on the intended application, as well as in combinations thereof, such as Φ300 mm/Φ200 mm or Φ200 mm/Φ300 mm.



Phantom effect protection

In cases where incandescent or halogen lamps are used, if deemed appropriate, to further reduce the phantom effect, anti-phantom masks can be installed which provide a further reduction of the reflection of the sun’s rays by up to 50%. Anti-phantom masks can be honeycomb or louvered form.




The shell of the VRX traffic lights, consists of independent luminous fields of excellent quality, with capable mechanical and environmental resistances, structured by compatible body-door-visor components, made of polycarbonate.

Connecting individual light fields to multi-field traffic lights is done with simple tools.
The combination of fields of different sizes is possible, because their interface sockets are compatible with each other, in all sizes and fit perfectly.




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