60 Years VIEREX

And yet 60 years have passed! VIEREX was founded on 08/31/1962 by Christos Degaitis and on 08/31//2022 we have a birthday and we are celebrating it!

Electrical Protection for LED Optical Units of Traffic Lights

The road traffic light signals have designed to be powered from traffic controllers of road intersections, which have “Zero Crossing” function, so there is smoothing in alternation of electric power, to protect the light sources of the traffic lights, from phenomenon of “Arc -Flashing “. The “Zero Crossing” function applied to traffic controllers for decades, but now the need for this is incumbent upon more, because of big difference of cost between the incandescent or halogen lamps and the LED signal modules, as and the sensitivity of LED signal modules due of electronic circuits which containing. The use of electromagnetic...